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Hydrating Serum Gel

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For rejuvenated skin that looks radiant, hydrated and luminous.

Package : 30ml

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  • Inspired by the Swiss science of revitalisation, this serum is a fast absorbing formula which replenishes your skin’s oxygen supply. Rejuvenated skin looks radiant, hydrated and luminous.


    Swiss Revitalisation for Skin

    This advanced anti-ageing serum, infused with a high concentration of natural and active ingredients from marine protein cellular complex, delivers essential rejuvenation specially formulated for your skin.

    Redefining Skin Revitalisation

    The fast absorbing moisturizing revolutionary formula counteracts skin degeneration by transforming the appearance of your skin, making it look firmer and fairer.

    Intensive Swiss Cellular Therapy

    Upon application, the Swiss Revitalisation serum goes deep within the dermis layer to immediately act upon the undernourished skin cells by saturating them with the powerful and effective marine protein cellular complex.

    The enriched formula of age-defying ingredients fortifies the skin’s natural resilience against environmental aggression, keeping skin radiant, hydrated and luminous.

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